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A bit about my husband...

Pastor Rod and Joni Parsley I married my best friend - plain and simple. A lot of people throw that phrase around but I seriously state that I chose what and who God had for me, and he was my best friend. We were together a long time before we were married so we had a lot of time to see each other in various situations and stages of life. I was nineteen and Rod was twenty-three when we met – wow, we were young! We spent seven years growing up and growing together before we married on a beautiful October day. He became my friend long before he became my knight in shining armor and that is what I think has led to a successful marriage. Being a product of the women’s movement, I didn’t believe I needed a man to rescue me anyway but he certainly has time and again.

We have weathered many storms but we have held on tight to each other until the winds died down and we could get our footing once again. Just like a best friend, I can tell him anything without fear. He has seen me without makeup, in the literal and figurative sense, and I can tell you “it ain’t pretty”! He has been my teacher but has done so unintentionally. My lessons were not from a book or sermon but just from a front row seat to his life. From that seat, I have watched a soldier and witnessed a battle. His steely resolve has inspired me to never give up in the face of adversarial circumstances even when quitting and following seemed the most comfortable way out. My husband has never taken the easy road but he has taken the high road and the toll is costly but worth the ride in the end. We have been on many an adventure together in this walk of faith but it has been a scenic route filled with the beauty of God’s faithfulness.

I guess I could write pages listing the many attributes that I find admirable and exemplary where my husband is concerned but there is one that particularly stands out. He is simply the best dad I have ever seen. I can’t begin to describe all the ways that he is or has been over the years -he just loves our kids more than his next breath. Ashton and Austin are so blessed to have a daddy that is completely committed to them above all else and quite frankly, they have him wrapped around their little fingers! We always say that our years together have been a party (it’s a line from Lonesome Dove - Rod loves westerns!) I have always added that sometimes the party was a surprise - but a party, nonetheless! As I grow older with my best pal, I am thankful that someone has been a witness to my life and knows my story. I guess if I could give my husband’s life story a title it would simply be “This One Knows God”.

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