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Joni Parsley MY BIO - PART 1
The Former Years (more commonly referred to as the shallow ones!)

I'm not sure whoever came up with the idea of a bio since it's a bit difficult to write about yourself and do so with humility. I can't say that I've won seven Olympic Gold medals in figure-skating um ... not wearing those costumes for sure!

My Dream of winning the Pulitzer Prize for my one and only book didn't transpire ... what and why, I ask? I was not blessed with visible talent that would get me an Emmy, a Grammy, a Tony or an Oscar (well, my dad's name is Oscar so technically, I have one!) I was a majorette in high school so, if I'm ever needed for a baton twirling solo for a song special, I could possibly perform with a little practice! Seriously, hours upon hours of twirling for what? Where did that get me in life except several bumps on the head (which may explain some things), broken nails (which was a crisis then), many bruises and sheer terror when we had to twirl with fire since one girl burnt a side of her hair off and well, my hair was on the top three of my list of importance in life along with world peace, of course! I mean I wasn't completely shallow (even though number two was hope for a mascara that didn't clump and having a Hawaiian Tropic deep, dark tan)!

"Trying to Come up,with Something" (maybe I need some ice cream first)

I can't go into my ministry achievements since I have not filled stadiums, packed out churches, worked on legislation in the Senate like my husband or traveled the world, built schools and colleges all while having my own television broadcast, product line, New York Times Bestseller and the list goes on and on.

I don't have my own line of Bibles, (if I did, the "submit to your husband" scripture would be mysteriously left out) and I would add my own chapter entitled 2 Job or The Book of Joni - they're the same I think. I really think the devil had the same conversation with God that he did concerning Job! It was about this innocent, naive country bumpkin who just wanted to love Jesus and help people like the girls in the pageants who just want world peace. Did God say, "Have you considered my servant Joni? " Did this happen? Am I dreaming and I'm Dorothy because I always wanted her shoes and oh, world peace too!

Now, you have just learned a lesson on how one can fill up space when lacking facts and content!

I've been a rebel with a cause! I want people to understand how very much God loves them right where they are and that's not just a truth, that is LIFE.

It took me years to fully grasp that God could love me. I had to shed years of religious teaching that was secured tightly in the vault of my heart. That teaching told me of a God who was one of wrath not worth, vindictiveness instead of vindication and the darkness of damnation rather than the light of salvation.

He is Abba, our Father and HE IS LOVE! Love seeks to serve not to be served like royalty ... gimme a break! Who are we? When did that nonsense creep in where a Gospel preacher came with an entourage like he was Elvis along with a list of needs a mile long down to the water with lime? *sigh*

Ministry gives you a place to speak what you should be living and to challenge change as a result! When people see a mirrored mouthpiece; a reflection of God in a preacher, then the Holy Spirit prompts introspection and conviction can lead to true conversions once again! We don't want to get people to an altar with a sales pitch for a better life but so that they can get NEW life by letting OLD things pass away. There's no nice way to say it because the truth can't be packaged and marketed to make it palatable. When I knelt at an altar, at age 13, the preacher told us we were sinners and had to repent of our sins ... THEN we got a new life plus an eternal one!

I was at church camp (not a five-star resort) in the 70's during the Jesus Movement and someone always had a guitar. We didn't need a Broadway production ... just a guitar and a bunch of kids just loving Jesus singing from our hearts. One song ended with this phrase, "and they'll know we are Christian's by our love, by our love, yes they'll know we are Christians by our love." It was so pure and simple just like the message of the gospel ... it's all about love.

Mankind has taken something so pure and defiled it through misinformation and misinterpretation; mankind has complicated its obvious thread throughout four books by unraveling its simplicity, "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so."

Let's begin there once again and just be Christians that love one another. I don't want my story to be about me, but about us ... pure and simple.


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