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Tuesday, June 01, 2021

* This came to me around 2 am draining water from a bathtub as I told the Lord My God how I needed the waters troubled for healing in a heart that was hurting and these words came from within. I wrote as quickly as this precious message came as though I was at Bethesda long ago. I knew that it was once a place, but it is now an expression of the character of our God ... He never leaves us comfortless.

Oh Bethesda,
I see your goodness, we need no angel to stir the water
We need not wait for a turn then so hopelessly be turned away,
for only one in deep despair was chosen for the water that day.

Oh Bethesda,
In all your goodness how can the waters be stirred in my hour of need
Let me say child, “One needs no angel when I troubled the water forever …
With each stripe on Calvary.”

Crowds gathered at Bethesda, then called the House of Mercy
Victory over death, hell, and the grave changed that forever in the enemy’s defeat
There’s a reason no house can be found where it once stood
Because NOW you have a HOME, and it’s called, “MY MERCY SEAT.”

Oh Sweet Bethesda,
We don’t look for an angel; we just LOOK TO YOU,
Not for a house but a home that is always in view
In my hour of need, all that I have to see
Is my Savior Redeemer with healing for me.

I know my cries are heard
Even without a word
Just the change in my heartbeat
Has you waiting for me.

Oh Sweet Bethesda,
We look no longer; we need not an angel
You are found at your throne in Heaven from which you came.
Sweet Bethesda,
All your goodness comes, all your healing comes
When we call on your powerful name.

Your love leaves me speechless
Only my heart can say how I feel
My sweet Savior,
I stand amazed how you’ve made yourself
Oh-how so real

To me
For me
With me ... eternally
Bethesda, oh how I long, how I long for thee ... for thee
My Sweet Bethesda

Afterword - My Bethesda
Why do we seek what we already have? I do it! I have needed peace, I have needed healing, and the list could go on. People will say, “You need to get away, take a drive, meditate, be mindful in the moment, do something you enjoy ...” And while well-intended, it all has one word in common — “doing”! The very thing I don’t need is to DO something to find peace! Jesus is waving His hand like, “Excuse me, but I have not gone anywhere; I go where you go!” Sigh ... am I the only person shaking their head saying, “It really is that easy.”?

We don’t find peace, we carry peace! If the Holy Spirit abides within us, then our help is a whisper away, not in another state overlooking the ocean. The One who made that ocean can give you a better feeling than looking at it.

The ocean is peaceful, tranquil, and serene but at times it can be furious and frightening as the tides change. Life is like that. Just when you think you are safely on shore just wading in the water, a storm can roll in and sweep you right up under the rushing current. We don’t have to wait for help to come, THE HELPER is present!

Jesus said to His disciples in John 14:26, “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you and bring to your remembrance all that I have said unto you” (English Standard Version).

Think of all the things He has said to us through His Word: The teaching, preaching, discussions, classes, Bible studies, messages, conversations, and much more. We don’t need to ask Siri or Alexa to get information to us; we can just ask to be reminded! So often, we have received so much learning yet don’t regularly apply the knowledge to use it along with practical wisdom.

Jesus had told the disciples He had to go away or the Holy Spirit could not come. The Holy Spirit is called The Paraclete, Helper, Comforter, Counselor, and Friend. Jesus also added that we would do greater things than Him after the Holy Spirit came upon us. Why? He multiplied His power in the earth with every person who had the Holy Spirit then and lies within those of us who have His Spirit now!

First, we had Jesus who began to do great works after the Holy Spirit descended upon Him, after His baptism (Luke 3). Guess what happened in Luke 4? The devil tries to tempt Jesus. Isn’t that interesting?! Why wasn’t Jesus a threat until the Holy Spirit came upon Him? He came in the form of a dove and God spoke, “This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

UH-OH! Now the devil knows He’s really the SON OF GOD and knew he was in some trouble now because Jesus had the power of God to fight; not just a person as the devil had thought. We don’t hear of the devil bothering Jesus until then and that's exactly why he bothers us! He’s afraid of Who lives on the inside of us and we need to realize and take advantage of that much more! We have POWER! (I am giving myself a lecture too!)

The devil has been picking on me and at me! He found me at a vulnerable time when I was physically worn and didn’t feel like fighting but rather, hiding under the covers! But, the goodness of God saw it all and His Spirit reminded me of Bethesda! I have known that story since Sunday school but never interpreted it like that. Jesus troubled the waters on Calvary and if my heartbeat changes, He takes notice and responds. What kind of love is this?! Jesus left this earth and made sure we were taken care of. That is love ... That is God … That is who loves you. Seek no more! All you need can be found just wading in those living waters of our very own Bethesda.

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