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Thursday, July 04, 2019
I’ve been away from blogging for awhile as we decided on a new format that will have shorter posts which will allow me to blog away more often!

When you happen to be one page in a huge network, I can get lost in the shuffle which really means my shuffle! Life has interrupted my plans ... imagine that! As the old saying goes, “Man plans, and God laughs.”

Instead of trying it on my own (which really would be a laugh with my tech skills or lack thereof) I decided to wait until the team could help me achieve the aforementioned task and what they do is superhuman! That is specifically why the supernatural must be involved. God is the one who must directs our paths so I’m doing my best to stay in step.

I love writing and haven’t stopped so I have many messages I am anxious to share with you. I first want to encourage you to participate in Dominion Campmeeting 2019!

With technology, there are many ways you can view each service but the best way is being there live, if possible!

Nonetheless, if you watch live online, it’s the next best thing because what makes these meetings so distinctive is that you never know what’s going to happen!

Every person in the lineup is a unique gift and each are differently and uniquely gifted of God. We truly seek God when preparing each year. We don’t need talent, we need an anointing that is weighty enough to usher in the presence of God, break any yoke or burden and have something of substance to say or do that has been birthed from fervent prayer.

I read Charles Spurgeon very often and love his outlook on ministry! No matter how old it may be, the TRUTH is timeless and matchless! In this book, he was lecturing young preachers. As I was reading, his message brought tears to my eyes. He was instructing his students to be certain of their choice: they should choose to not just be a preacher, but rather to serve the people when preaching; to direct the message to the needs of the people. He was warning them of not being seduced into trying to impress people with their eloquence, but to approach each message as a true servant from the heart. What a difference that makes!

Truth is what resonates in the soul and convicts the heart! We have many entertainers in pulpits, but that changes nothing. I’m not going to service for a good time! I’m going because I want to be amidst people who worship God so His presence dwells among us and then He is allowed to direct His Holy Spirit to have complete control. A preacher (like my husband) that allows that has come to serve as Jesus exemplified in the Gospels. The Son of Man spoke and transformation took place! That’s what I want! I want to be better, challenged, changed and renewed in my heart.

If I walk out of service and think ON the words I’ve heard or what took place, as I drive home, the seeds have been planted. Then if I apply that in my life, something happened! The living Word has taken root and growth begins! That’s an indication that a service impacted my life and encourages my constant hope to be changed from glory into glory.


It’s nothing I could ever describe, it must be experienced! The atmosphere is electric and filled with such anticipation the minute you hit the building and it goes on from there to make for one amazing event with amazing people from all over the world!

We WILL leave, but not the same as when we came and I cannot wait!

God is glorious and He will be exalted as He should be! When people ask me who is going to be there, my answer is the most important WHO-JESUS! There’s no other name bigger than our King of Kings and Lord of Lords!


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