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Friday, June 01, 2018

Tweet from @AshtonParsley When I saw this photo and the heartfelt words beneath it, I had to share it. It blessed me in so many ways and not just because my daughter is in it! However, her words are my hope for all of us who serve together and for every person regardless of our many differences, skill sets, backgrounds, degrees, titles, giftings and personalities. We should be celebrated and celebrate one another. People in your life should be your greatest cheerleaders no matter if you scored the touchdown or sat the bench. You still practiced, tried, showed up and put on the uniform to be a part of something. I love this line in a song saying, “I’m the greatest fan of your life.” I’ve used that quite often because it’s true. What an honor it is to be on the sidelines while someone else gets the win, an answered prayer, a good report, an unexpected blessing or a divine miracle! How can we not cheer or celebrate? It doesn’t need to be a spectacular event. Someone deserves to be appreciated just for being a good worker, a good listener or a good friend. All too often, we celebrate achievements rather than people. You don’t need to win a Nobel Prize to be great. We need to applaud the effort more and not just the outcome.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2018
After so much of that, I became resentful and angry at others but mostly myself. Why did pleasing people matter so much? Why did approval of others matter and why did I never upset the apple cart when I had every right to? I kept shrinking away while creating this supermom and killing myself to do so. I wanted my husband and kids to think I was amazing, and even though I enjoyed all of my endeavors, my digging uncovered what it cost later in life and more importantly, who and what I lost.
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Friday, May 04, 2018
Well, if you ever ask God to honestly reveal the hidden sins of your heart, be careful because He will! He will gladly SHOW you the real you and not the one you have settled for. Hmm … He will take you on an adventure that the Discovery Channel or any Hollywood production could not compete with! Yes, you will laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be filled with suspense, hold your breath, sigh with relief, question, misunderstand, understand later, want intermission, eat junk food while more drama ensues. Like me, you don’t want to look so you cover your eyes then peek as your heart pounds, so you cover your eyes up again. It is one SHOW where you can’t wait for the ending but it doesn’t end because the story called YOU never does! If you really want to be a Christian (“Christ-one”) it’s just going to hurt! If you want to see Him and want the pure heart which is the pre-requisite, it’s going to cost “THE YOU” right out of you!
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Tuesday, May 01, 2018
I am now in a Sherlock Holmes costume. My production is most likely playing in a high school gym.

Now my story becomes a mystery. Where did I go wrong? As far as I know, I am not the “Joni Of Arc” so I expected trials and tribulations. Jesus guarantees it in the gospel of John 16:33 along with another guarantee. “These things I’ve spoken unto you; that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: But be of good cheer for I have overcome the world!” (KJV)
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Thursday, April 26, 2018
Please … understand. I feel like that would be a suitable title for my life story because it’s two words I hear or say so often. In my story, I would describe all the years I’ve been asked to understand when nothing made sense. I would tell the dramatic tale of how and when I had no choice but try to go beyond my human capabilities, fight on, live on, hold on, dream on, lean on, be on, etc. Even in Latin with etcetera, I’ve been told to go on-ugh! However, it’s so compelling, I think perhaps, in my mind, it’s now a Broadway play.
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