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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Well…I have an interesting day ahead. My life’s course took a little detour mid-December in the form of an accident leading to an injury leading to a nuisance! I have surgery to repair torn ligaments, in my knee, in a few hours. I’ve had my routine interrupted and I don’t like it! So, I try to contemplate and find God in it all. Surely, He will help me find the silver lining in this cloud! Years ago, I remember reading something and I’ve never forgotten it, “Every cloud is a flag to God’s faithfulness.”

If we could mark every battle we’ve been through, we could see God’s faithfulness. When a battle is won, you’ll see a soldier plant their country’s flag. That flag says, “This is ours now, we won!” Looking back, I can see God’s grace and it is as amazing as that classic hymn describes!

I think back on the night of my injury. It was a dark, cold December night but outside I heard my son in distress. I didn’t stop and think, I ran! It was an instant reaction and off I went. When I ran to get to him, I stumbled in a hole in the yard since it was damp and dark! My knee had multiple tears, as a result, according to the doctors. All that really mattered was…my son was okay.

Oh well! The real story is how God rescues us, exactly the same way, when we're in distress. He has an instant reaction too! And all that really matters is... we're okay.

So I’ve taken a side-trip…literally and figuratively! I’ll have a few weeks of recovery so I hope to write more! In the meantime…I’ll be planting flags!

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