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Wednesday, September 11, 2013
This morning, I expected to turn on the news as I do everyday while I get ready, and listen to reports on the anniversary of 9-11. I expected to see this day trending on twitter and messages of remembrance posted. I expected to see online tributes and news stories capturing the moments that are forever etched in our minds. However, to my dismay, 9-11 was barely a mention so is it barely a memory?
As a loyal American, who could or should ever forget that day? Who could or should ever forget the lives lost and those who suffered that day? Can we ignore that life, as we knew it, forever changed? We aren't the same...are we?
Have we become arrogant, careless, and so self-absorbed that we forget that innocence is a thing of the past? Do we think that burying the memory may help us bury our fears of ever-present danger?
I'm bewildered. I'm not advocating fearfulness, I'm advocating mindfulness. We can't get so caught up in our own lives that we lose sight of the world around us. To lose sight means we'll soon lose compassion. To lose compassion means we'll lose hold on a central focus of our Christianity. Jesus came "to seek and to save that which was lost". The Cross was the greatest act of compassion known to humanity so if we claim it, we must feel it and act out of it.
Our hearts should be heavy today...people are hurting. Children lost fathers and mothers. Parents lost sons and daughters. Husbands lost wives and wives lost husbands. Sisters and brothers lost sisters and brothers. Friends lost friends and on and on goes that list...of people.
Two towers and planes crashed to the ground and our hearts went crashing with them. As we looked on in horror and disbelief, we knew we'd never forget where we were the moment that time stood still. From our grief came pride,action, and resolve. With that, we flew flags, wore red, white, and blue, donated blood, gave money, clothes, water, food and stood as proud Americans together. We were many yet... we were ONE.
Let's just never forget who we were and how we felt that day and not just where we were...let's just never forget.
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