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Thursday, November 07, 2013
I hope by now you've heard and even read Pastor Rod's latest book, "The Cross". The sub-title reads, "One Man, One Tree, One Friday." Just the cover says enough if you really think about it.... so, think about it just a minute!

The best way I can describe "The Cross" is that it's not just a book, it's an experience. I have this recommendation - read it and weep!

Within these pages, you'll discover what was purchased and made available to the child of God. That said, it's a beautiful love story...the greatest one ever told! Most love stories have an end or at best, a "happily ever after". There is no end to this story - this love offers a forever.

The symbol of this love is not a valentine-style heart, it is a cross...simply put and simply said. The Cross is sacred...also simply put and simply said. It deserves a place of singular honor and prevalence in our minds and thus, our lives.

This Sunday is Worldwide Miracle, Healing and Prayer Cloth Service. We will be taking prayer requests to the foot of the Cross. We've built an indescribable likeness of Calvary on our church property and words cannot do it justice!

One of the most powerful servants of God alive today (and I don't say this often) will be praying, along with Pastor Rod and many others. If I could choose a person to pray for me Reinhard Bonnke would be in the top three. I remember being in a room, during Dr. Sumrall's Campmeeting, and feeling the power and presence of God all of a sudden. When I turned around, I saw Reinhard Bonnke-he defies description.

You have time to get involved! You can get a prayer cloth and request in before this Sunday by going to the website at

This is not just any given is One Sunday with One Man - His name is Jesus and He is the only One Savior.

Please join us...I promise you'll receive HIS promise!
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