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Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Well, January has come and gone and it is still winter. Being stuck indoors a lot has given me time to think and observe…perhaps, too much time! Here are some thoughts on 2014 so far….

Not to be a Debbie Downer about the Super Bowl, but so much hype for a football game, and the commercials, just plain bothers me. There is still a war going on in Afghanistan…

12 billion dollars was spent on food alone for Super Bowl parties…that says way too much and makes me sad. Not everyone in America got to eat that night.

Okay, I am Debbie Downer so Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks and to the players that witnessed their faith and gave glory to God – way to use that platform.

I find it ironic that supermarkets push diet food in January, after we’ve all over-indulged through the holiday, and then fill the aisles with Valentine chocolates in February. Do they figure that we’ve all broken that New Year’s resolution to lose weight and are depressed enough to binge-eat chocolate because of our failure?

Sadly… binged there, done that, ate that.

Many of us have survived a brutal winter with below zero temperatures and plenty of snow. We’ve had the polar vortex and the polar plunge leaving me feeling like a polar bear. My winter: I’m bundled up like I’m climbing Mt. Everest, snow is blowing through my front door when I open it, my washer pipes are frozen, I’m driving in traffic that is moving at a snail’s pace, loading groceries and almost blowing over (and that’s not easy), my dogs refuse to go out past the front step and look at me with utter disgust, tried to pump gas and it was actually frozen, observe people look and walk like zombies in a state of disbelief and then I get a call from someone complaining that it’s chilly (in the sixties) in their warm climate and their so disappointed they need jackets. Jackets?! Tragic! If I could get out from under the blankets long enough to grab my snow boots, I would’ve thrown them at the phone. Good thing we didn’t face chat so they couldn’t see my contemptuous glares and eye-rolling!

Seriously, I thanked God every night that I had a warm house, a coat to wear, and food and gas to buy. One of the many reasons missions work is so important is reflected in this quote I read - “Someone is praying for the things we take for granted”

Just like I said, I’ve had a lot of time to think…too much.

I’m curious. What is it with women on TV wearing sleeveless dresses in the winter? I admit I’m not fashion forward, but it looks odd to me. May I add that not everyone has the buff arms to carry off the look? Here’s a little rhyme that I made up for myself, “If your arms can flap, then wear a wrap.”

May I also add that it’s hard to take a woman seriously that looks like one of the “Real Housewives” instead of a professional journalist, anchor, or political panelist? Guess I can call that bitter irony since women fought so long to even be heard and considered for such positions.

Not that I’m advocating the “Women’s Lib” look either. I was in college during the ERA movement and had to go to my fair share of angry poetry readings for some of my classes….very interesting! I won’t go into detail but not too many ladies owned a razor. Nonetheless, I was and still remain a supporter of economic equality. Even though the Equal Pay Act was signed into law in 1963, women still make 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. So, I believe we need to raise an arm in protest but let’s shave first!

Back to TV - My husband rarely watches television. However, if it’s not sports, he can find the oddest programs. As a result, I know way too much on the mating habits of deer and other wildlife, the life-cycle of fish, different patterns of camouflage, and right now he’s watching a show on cells in the human body which is very complex. All this after he gave his colorful commentary on the nightly news…been a super fun night!

Note to self: Do not get impatient in the winter and cut your own bangs. I now look like Justin Bieber-the early years.

I’ve also concluded that this winter has aged me. Not to be rude but without makeup, I think I look like Paul McCartney and not when he was the young Beatle that I had a crush on.

That said, I’d like to look like my re-touched photos.

Now that I’ve had to enter the 21st Century and be on social media, I have this to say to all you hackers out there: Please use your evil super-powers for something good! Track down terrorists and do something noble but leave innocent people alone!

Maybe all you need is to get out of your parent’s basement and get some sunlight.

I still have a love-hate relationship with my computer. I honestly think that it’s sub-human and plots against me. I also think my hair does the same thing. It could be a conspiracy.

I told you I’ve had too much time to think. I’m now creating conspiracy theories…it’s come to that.

I got revenge on my hair with cutting my bangs and now my computer has missing keys which I refuse to fix…after six years, time for a new one. Yes, you heard me laptop. You’re going to the big IT department in the sky. Take that!

I need sunlight.

This may be how hackers get their start.

Well, how do I end this on a spiritual note? I’m trying to stay positive and go with the flow (or snow) and remember God’s goodness and faithfulness. When we have time, we can choose to use it or waste it. Every day, no matter what the weather, is a precious gift to be cherished because God holds the purpose in it. I don’t want to waste days wishing for them to be different because…they already matter.
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