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Thursday, April 26, 2018
Please … understand. I feel like that would be a suitable title for my life story because it’s two words I hear or say so often. In my story, I would describe all the years I’ve been asked to understand when nothing made sense. I would tell the dramatic tale of how and when I had no choice but try to go beyond my human capabilities, fight on, live on, hold on, dream on, lean on, be on, etc. Even in Latin with etcetera, I’ve been told to go on-ugh! However, it’s so compelling, I think perhaps, in my mind, it’s now a Broadway play.

As the story unfolds, I would “go on” emphasizing how life wasn’t a fairy tale and I kept waiting on the “happily ever after” to show up. I furiously searched but villain after villain appeared in human or circumstantial form but no matter what or who came against me, my husband, family, loved ones, our ministry or my simple plea for peace and joy … I went on. I declared to God at least I deserve rights as an American to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Oops! I shouldn’t have said that!

So God replies, “There seems to be one word often left out when people cry out for that … the word is pursue. So I ask God, “I’m supposed to be the heroine in my own story and you’re telling me that I’m basically entitled to nothing unless I pursue it?!” I see that this has become quite a quandary! If my story was a musical, this would be a great moment for a song as I sit upon a fireplace like Cinderella among the ashes of my hopes and dreams. My life is in the basement and I break into song (since it’s my story, I sound like Barbara Streisand) “Are my dreams in the lost and found along with my glittery crown? Did fairy godmother disappear with my glass slippers and couture gown? Is happily ever after stuck in that glass carriage? Is my Prince the one I’ve wanted to take my hand in marriage? This life wasn’t what I had in mind, this is a misprint of the cruelest kind … (hold the note go to the window) … As I look out this window at others going to the ball, what has happened to me, after aaaaaalllllll!” Ta Da! Curtain drops. Audience roars and stands to their feet, dabbing tears and cheering because everyone can relate! Act One.

I’ve changed costumes and now I’m Betsy Ross with my flag. I’m thinking this is now probably an off Broadway play especially as a one-woman show. I’ve chosen to end Act One with a scene that felt patriotic:

Now is where the understanding begins. We cry freedom but we have laws! In actuality, we really aren’t free to do whatever we want because boundaries have been put in place to protect us from us! So no one is entitled to anything but you are welcome to pursue it! That means one must work for what one wants … oh my, what a concept! God Bless America! Let us sing!

We all want the same basic things, and happiness seems to be on everyone’s list. Happiness for a Christian is described in Romans 14:7 as “righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost” (KJV). And scene … take a bow.
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