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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Along with these unimaginable events we currently face, who among us isn’t yearning for something that settles the mind or leads it to further explanation of this tragic crisis. I find myself peering at my emotional state as though it were a kaleidoscope; with every twist and turn, a different set of shapes and colors, but really not creating a solid picture. I have learned that when the outside seems to make little sense, a look inside will certainly lead somewhere and this seems to be where I landed. Character is often ignored amongst all our quests yet should be the significant treasure we all should wish to accumulate and leave as a pristine gift that continues to impart throughout time.

That said, these verses began to flow about who we are and what we are leaving every day.

Stories We Write
Some people build fences that we then have to climb
I’d rather build stories that don’t run out of time
Stories of laughter and silly things I have done
Rather it be that, than I didn’t even come
I’ve tried to show up in possibility; in any way that I could
To tell my story of love expressing my shouldn’ts and shoulds
I know it’s so far from perfect nor will it win a prize
But with everything that was wrong there was right in my eyes

My wise dad would say, “Always do the best that you can
With the cards you are dealt and how you play your hand
Play so with fairness to people; each and every one
Rich or poor doesn’t say where they really are from
Only a heart can be carefully read like a book
So don’t judge the cover until you’ve had a good look

Who are we to say who is wrong or who is right?
Is every word that we say well worth the fight?
You walk away empty no matter the case
Winning isn’t winning with you alone to face
Turn around and say I’m sorry and you will find
There’s two words that give such simple peace of mind
Nobody’s guilty, when you feel such goodness inside
Only hate wants to win more cause it’s born out of pride

So I’ll just climb on and say so, one board of love at a time
My haters may tell me that I’m not worth the climb
I’m much older now and have much more to say,
I remember a place I grew up that’s no longer that way,
I leave the “Silent No More” to the preacher who says it better
His great stories come in words and mine comes in my letters
Because we still love God and country; the flag red white and blue,
Athletes might take a different knee if one folded flag was handed to you,
Bloodshed in battles gave us freedom and Democracy a voice
God created us to have a free will and a choice
So heaven was and is ; the hope then and is the hope now
When you get to see Jesus that’s the one and only way to bow

God commands we pray for our Presidents, regardless of our choice,
But don’t teach our children to dishonor the office by ripping up his voice
Honor is not just a word because a title is given that is meant for us to flatter
It’s a way of compassionate conduct that says everyone matters,

We each have a last name but different stories to leave behind
To make an impression with character and the lost we would find
To build a legacy of love that cries Christianity was not done
There still was a remnant leading those to the Cross of God’s Son
It’s our duty to leave something that tells of the endless supply of our God’s Grace
To give stories like a man was once homeless and then God sent someone who gave him a place
Or a woman had such riches and a life anyone would die to live for,
But she had a gun to her head and then God sent a knock at her door
Eager little faces and big faces too want the rest of the story of what happened to you.
Mine would speak of a sinner saved from grace and given a life that made me brand new
It’s as simple as that and it’s truer than true and God is even the truest
If you’ll come to the altar then you can be the newest

“How can we reach everyone,” cried a girl to her teacher
“How can we hear the word of God lest we have a preacher
I know there’s still a fence left between us that people built from hate”
“My child,” she replied, “don’t ever forget that’s why God built a gate”

Cause He makes a way when there seems like there’s none
When you feel lost and alone, He says I sent my Son
On an old rugged cross that’s alone as one can be
You’re not forgotten, love carved your name on that tree

Sinner and saint, there’s not one I’ve seen better
I came as a Savior who wrote you a love letter
It’s left waiting for you at an altar or a street
Your invitation I wear on my hands and my feet
As I pace for the melody of sweet surrender’s cry
My heart leaps like it was the very first time
I’ve waited for you, my promise is right where I’ll be
Like any expectant Father, I’ll say “that one’s for me”

“My child,” says the Lord, “Don’t think about others who may look on with disdain,
The religious may say one thing but I WON’T know their name
I didn’t save those called ‘saved’ so they’d get some attention
Like preachers who preach ... yet I get no mention
You each have a call; everyone who has breath
To love one another until hate has it’s death

As you grow little babe I hold in my arms
There will be Servants of love to keep you from harm
Know that anything you put before me that, is called an idol
But keep seeking after me and my story that is called the Bible
You’ll grow strong in its power and strong in every word
And you will proclaim it so people think it’s me that they’ve heard

“You’ll say whoever you choose that one day will come
There will only be one Name on each and every tongue
Shouting Jesus is Lord and He is King of all Kings
Why not Let Him be your story filled with tales of great things”

Builders who build structures follow one blueprint, one plan
No matter the weather it faces, it’s been built to outlast and out-stand
Our brave Soldiers march on through horrors that we’ll never see
But what honor it takes to die fighting for someone else to be free
Who could march onto a field knowing death is part of the cause,
But a soldier who honors that vow that they pledged-may we take a pause ...

Both hurt and love escorts our pasts; our joys and our pains.,
To the depth and innermost part called our secret place,
We speak of anything there for nothing is too human for God,
He knows we live in this world but He Made Us in it not OF
Though snares are in place and temptation has his apples to shine
Just be vigilant in Christ and say that apple’s not mine
Yet that trespasser still tries to leave you in sin and it’s debris
Fear not, God will open your eyes after time spent on your knees.

Great character enables one to mend fences with words that don’t tear down but build yet instead
With eyes gazing as words are building in a time forged ahead
Needing the strength with words which are timeless; holding heartfelt merit just as it seems
And stand forever courageous like one great man who declared “I Have a Dream”
Not just the words lived on but look what work his dream had begun
Though he walked the way of suffering like Jesus The Son
Stand outside in a storm and hear the mountains cry out
Raindrops are tears of the hopeless needing the Jesus they hear about
So Dreamers dream on; keep living a story worth hearing again,
With only one difference, our stories will not say THE END ...

Amen, Amen, Amen, So Be It! Amen!

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